Dennys Reyes (36) -Nicknamed "the Big Sweat"...yecchh...Both he and Paul Konerko were members of the '97 Dodgers, and both were still active 15 years later, although Denys may have finally called it quits.

Frank Viola (52) -A Red ever-so-briefly in 1995...AL Cy Young Award winner in 1988...Gave up Rod Carew's 3000th hit... His daughter Brittany was an Olympic-level diver.

Harry Craft -Made the last putout in Johnny VanderMeer's second no-hitter...Mickey Mantle's first professional manager...OK, here's the ugly part: Harry managed in the bigs for three different teams over a seven year period. His teams finished 7th, 7th, 7th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 9th...

Bucky Walters -He was only a great pitcher for about eight seasons, but for those eight he was awfully, awfully good.


Joe Mauer (30) -When he was four, he was asked to leave his T-ball league because he was hitting the ball too hard...Only catcher to win three batting titles.

Whitey Kurowski -Osteomylitis cost him part of a bone in his right forearm, but he went on to be a five-time all-star.