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Every single school has done this at one time or another in either football or basketball. Check the record for your favorite school before you go casting stones. The NCAA is the one who is allowing schools and Conferences to do this for the revenue-generating sports (yet there are no such restrictions for sports like baseball, track, etc...)

Folks, right now, it is pretty much the sports media doldrums until the NBA Playoffs get cooking. The media is looking for a story to fill time. The only reason that this has filled the void is because of how poorly Ryan, and the Wisconsin S.I.D. have handled the media over the last 7 days.
I didn't realize this rule didn't apply to all sports. Nice contribution...

ESPN loves to cheer for the underdog thus their slanted coverage of this issue. I can recall the ESPN legal experts saying yrs ago that it was illegal for the NFL to restrict who's eligible to play in their league. All we needed was a player to challenge it. Well that happened and we now know what that legal advice was worth. At this time last yr we were debating the lockout and whether it was legal. After Judge Roberts declared it illegal for 24 hrs, legal experts like Lester Munson opined that it would not be overturned on appeal and the three judge panel did exactly that.

Has anyone heard a talking head on ESPN support coach Ryan and Wisconsin on this?