Man, that was one ugly baseball game. Lots of taking, then not much happening when guys finally did swing.

I don't often give an atta boy to an ump, but Gary Darling called a very consistent plate. The ring up of Stubbs was bad, but he was on it today.

Cueto is a pitcher. He can locate his pitches, can work both sides of the plate, works the corners, can go for the strikeout when the situation dictates, movement, changes speeds. This is a continuation of how he pitched last season, while I know folks are attributing numbers last year to randomness with a correction coming this year, I'm starting to think that Cueto is a good pitcher more than just the beneficiary of good fortune last season.

There must be some evil spirits in Wrigley, because we played like the Cubs the last two days. Glad we grabbed one of them and salvaged this ugly roadtrip by taking 3 of the last 4.