Rheal Cormier (45) -Pitched for the Reds at the end of his career, after which he pitched for the Canadian Olympic team at age 40. One interesting note: he warmed up for the Olympics by signing briefly with the Moncton Mets in New Brunswick, a team he had pitched for 21 years previously.

Jorge Rubio (67) -Came over from the Angels in the Sammy Ellis trade. He never actually pitched in the bigs for the Reds, but I mention him here because I believe he messed around with throwing ambidextrously (although I can't find any documentation).

Chuck Harmon (88) -Besides breaking the color line for the Reds he was a two-time Indiana state basketball champion who later scouted both major league baseball and pro basketball. Happy 88th, Chuck!

Jim Bottomley -He was a Cardinal for most of his career, but he spent a couple of years in Cincy. HOF first baseman, known for driving in runs and for wearing his cap at a jaunty angle.


Andruw Jones (35) -The youngest player ever to hit a home run in the World Series. Also the second player to homer in his first two World Series at-bats (the first one was Gene Tenace in 1972, which I don't want to talk about).

Warren Spahn -One of my favorites. Fought in World War Two at the Battle of the Bulge, winning a battlefield commission. Didn't win a major league game until he was 25, but still won 363 games, which I believe is sixth all-time. Think about this: his career won-lost record is almost the same as that of Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale COMBINED... On July 2, 1963, he and Juan Marichal hooked up in a 16-inning game in which each threw over 200 pitches... Said, "A pitcher only needs two pitches, the one they're expecting and the one they aren't"... Nicknamed "Hooks", for his curve ball and for his nose, which had been battered by a line drive... At the end of his career, when he was hanging on with the Mets, an equally aged Yogi Berra was to be his catcher. When a reporter asked Yogi if this was the oldest battery ever, Yogi replied, "Well, we may not be the oldest, but we're certainly the ugliest".

Dolph Camilli -1B for the Phillies and Cubs, the 1941 NL MVP... Recorded the last out of Babe Ruth's career... His brother, who bxed professionally under the name Frankie Campbell, died of a cerebral hemorrhage after a fight with Max Baer.