And I regret but have to say that Mark Fleury does not resemble a big-league catcher. At least, arm-wise. On the first steal attempt, he floated the ball wide and over Brodie Greene's head. On the second, there were runners on first and third. It was a slow breaking ball. What's more, he sort of double-pumped. When he started to throw to second base, I couldn't help myself. I shouted, "No, you idiot!" (Yes, I'm ashamed of that. Don't usually refer to ballplayers as idiots in a public setting. But it was one of the dumbest plays I've seen at the professional level.) Needless to say, the runner on third scored easily. Even worse, Fleury again threw high--way high--to second base and the play there wasn't the least bit close. Even his throws after the warmup pitches were making Greene jump. I should note, though, that he made a solid throw to third to get a guy trying to stretch a double that drove in a couple runs.