This audio of the first interview with Kevin Zeitler, the OL from Wisconsin that the Bengals picked last night, is a painful example of how lame Cincinnati sports media is. Never are any real tough questions asked, whether it's of coaches, players, management, etc. You get the standard "What do you think of Cincinnati?" question that is a mandatory first question to any new player here. What do they think the answer to that is going to be? It's just a throwaway question.

Then the third question - the third question our reporters can think to ask this new player - was: "Do you like to fish?" And that followed an awkward pause when no one could think of a question to ask.

Then we got "What were your grades like in high school?"

I mean, come on! The New York and Philly reporters would laugh hysterically at this display.

Just brutal. And softball Fay is just as bad with the Reds. The teams here get a free pass.