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I get that, although I think his arm negates his range a bit. If he gets to a ball that no one else would, but still launches it into the stands what was that worth? I realize it's not a great metric or anything but those fielding%s are ugly.

When you have Cozart locked in at SS, and Phillips locked in at 2B, with more MLB ready prospects than Hamilton behind them, I just don't see Hamilton finding traction with the big club. Why not get value out of him while he's getting all this press and before his bat gets exposed at the higher levels?
Those fielding % numbers also take into account minor league fields and minor league first baseman. Right now he has a .926 Fielding % and that isn't truly that bad for the minor leagues because of the things I mentioned.

I am not necessarily against your 'trade him while his stock is at its highest' idea. I was just simply addressing his defense.