So apparently the Moerlein Lager House at the Banks/Smale Riverfront Park ran an ad in City Beat identifying itself as "Wrigley South" in connection with the upcoming Cubs series. It has been discussed various places on the internet, including Lance McCalister's blog (you need to scroll down). Moerlein House has offered an explanation on their Facebook page, which I will quote here in the interest of presenting their side:
Hey everyone. hold up a sec! Yeah, we admit it might have been a little confusing, but "Wrigley South" is A RALLY FOR OUR REDS! It's a chance to cheer on our Reds and give visiting Cubs fans a taste of what makes Cincinnati so special! We are REDS through and through...always and forever! We're not selling any Old Style beer here either we are exporting Cincinnati!
I have to say that explanation makes absolutely no sense, especially if you look at the ad, and especially if you consider (as one of the many almost universally negative commenters on Facebook points out) that "Wrigley South" is a term made up be Cubs fans to insult Reds fans. (I mean, on my list of things are terrible about Cubs fans, Old Style would be about 10000th on the list. I'd actually be fine with them bringing in Old Style.)

I am a big supporter of the Banks, Smale Park, and downtown generally, and up until now I have loved the Lager House, but this is pretty sad. I certainly wouldn't support a boycott or anything formal like that, but as Reds fans maybe consider getting a drink at one of the many other downtown bars the next time you are down there.