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I lived in Chicago and have been to bars that cater to fans of other teams, mostly for viewing parties for transplants to Chicago who want to watch their teams' games. They even have a Miami University bar. I think the difference here is that it's an establishment right next to GABP. You would never, ever see the Cubby Bear or Murphy's Bleachers having a Reds Night when the Reds were in town. If they did, they might as well close up shop right then and there.

During baseball season, the vast majority of the MLH business is going come from Reds fans going to or coming from games rather than fans of other teams coming in for viewing parties. Turn off your main customer base and you can just forget about doing good business on game days. It's one thing if this was a bar in Clifton trying to bring in college kids from Chicago and Indiana. A bar that relies on game day business is something else.
I don't know, last year I went to a game at Wrigley and the rooftop across the street had a bunch of big red M flags displayed which I assumed meant that it was a party fo Miami of Ohio,(perhaps I'm wrong) but if I'm right, I assume they didn't choose that game to match up with a game the Reds were in town on accident.