Do you have a local watering hold?

This is the first time in my adult life where I feel like I have a "local watering hole", and I like it!

This evening I'll be playing disc golf and afterwards I will stop by the local watering hole for a few well-deserved beers. The local watering hole opened about 18 months ago and has 20 or so craft beers on tap and has been rotating 3-5 of them out on a weely basis and replacing them with other craft beer. All of the sudden ... Six Point, Bells, Lagunitas, Hafbrau, Wooden Shoe, Abita, Anchor, Goose Island, Stone, Rogue, Flying Dog, etc. are all available a very short hop/skip from home. Heaven!!

In the first 2 months or so, my neighbor and I were pretty much the only folks there on a semi-regular basis so we got to know the managers, cooks, and wait-staff while everyone else was discovering the place. When I walk in generally 3-4 waitresses, one of the bar tenders, and one of the managers will specifically stop by to say hello. Its probably as close to a "Norm!" situation as I'm likely to get.

A good portion of the locals are only interested in the Buds and Millers of the world so when we arrvied and began showing a distinct interest in the micro-brews the bar manager began seeking us out each time we stopped by to ask us what we wanted to see on tap next. (Can you get Hafbrau Dunkel? Had it there the next week. *GRIN*)

So now I have a place close to home, with the beers I like, a constant variety to choose from, a friendly wait-staff, and a knowledgable bar manager who takes future tap requests ...

This week I installed Pintly on my phone to start keeping track of the different beers I have tried and to see if it can be helpful in determing other beers I might like. 'Pliny the Elder' is the highest recommended beer for me ... any opinions?