Just a heads up.

I just got an email that the San Jose Giants have joined Milb.tv. They play in the same division as the Blaze do. The Blaze have already played in San Jose once, but will face them in San Jose another 9 times this season. The Giants are the only team in the California League at this point to be on Milb.tv.

If you are a subscriber, awesome. If you aren't, you might want to be. It is the best money I spend every year.

Here are the dates for the Blaze games in San Jose the rest of the way:

May 30
May 31
June 1
July 31
August 1
August 2
August 14
August 15
August 16

Now I am just hoping that the video that they have added is something more than the overhead 'press box' camera that is stationary with a birds eye view that I have seen from 2 other teams (including one AAA team that is just a shame since the AAA teams have all had to have it for 3 years now and they still haven't upgraded).