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Curious (Read Noob). What is a "secondary pitch" and what defines a breaking ball?

A change up breaks or at least dips at times or is it supposed to be straight, just slower with same arm action as FB? Fastballs and curve balls I can ID fine. Changeups too typically because they are "off speed".

Honestly I think Thom Brennaman just has me seriously confused as anything not a FB is a breaking ball to him I think.
Technically, all pitches 'break' downward. Gravity makes that happen unless you are throwing submariner. A secondary pitch is anything not a fastball.

Change ups aren't straight, though they generally don't move much more than one's fastball, they sink an extra 2-3 inches and have 2-3 inches of extra run, on average.

A breaking ball is a curve or slider (or slurve).