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I don't think there is a question, is there? A suspect at AAA in Phipps, a fringe suspect in AA in Lamarre and a couple international signings who appear to be starting over in Yorman and Duran. Is there even anyone else in the running (unless Hamilton moves to the OF)?
That's what I was thinking mth123, but I knew that it was possible that I could have forgotten about someone. So if that is the LF prospect group, are you comfortable standing pat with what the Reds have in LF now (Frazier, Ludwig & Heisey) with Lutz in the wings as the future "maybe"? Or should the Reds go aggressively after another LF option as soon as possible - meaning FA (which I don't know whether or not they could afford) or big trade (e.g., involving Bailey, Cozart, Gregorious, Hamilton, etc.)? I know those trade options I listed are names nobody really wants to lose, but if you want quality you're going to have to give up quality.