Alfredo Simon (31) -Played as "Carlos Cabrera" form 2001-04 to hide his true age. I wasn't a big fan of his, but I guess he's doing OK. When Masset comes back, however...

Mike Cuellar -"Crazy Horse" played for the Reds in 1959. They, and a lot of other clubs, gave up on him before he found himself...Hit the first grand slam ever in an LCS game...Died in 2010; of the Orioles four 20-game winners from 1971, only Jim Palmer is still alive.

Edd Roush -One of the greats... Swung a 48-ounce bat... Hit 30 inside-the-park homers in his career...At the time of his death he was the last surviving veteran of the Federal League.


Adrian Gonzalez (30) -Has "PS27:1" engraved on all his bats; the 27th Psalm is his favorite Bible verse.

Dan Brouthers -A HOFer...Baseball's career home run leader from 1887 to 1889...SABR voted him the sixth greatest player of the 19th century...Another four-decade player.

Ross Barnes -The first National League battiing champion, and the first player to hit a home run in the National League. I could have put him in with the Reds; he played a year in Cincy. Bunts that hit fair and then rolled foul were base hits back then, and Barnes was a master of this art to the point where it was outlawed.