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I don't know who else needs to be protected, but we have a lot of chaff on the 40 man roster right now

Rolen, Cairo, Valdez, Wilson, Brackman, Constanzo, Negron, Phipps, Smith, Valaika.
Exactly what I was going to respond. None of those you list would be on the roster come ST, If I were GM, at least one of Heisey and Stubbs would be gone too and probably a reliever or two (Massett, Ondrusek and/or Bray). You also don't know who (if anyone) might go in multi-player deals by the 1st of August. . Although not likely, it would shock me to see the Reds make a multi-player deal or two where they ship out more number than they receive. Anyone know who needs to be added to the 40-man.