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I really think Scott Rolen will end up with around a .700 OPS or even better this year. Let's not forget that Rolen has just a .203 BABIP at this time. His LD rate is slightly down, but still 18.3%. Considering Rolen's defensive aptitude and the fact that his bat will be acceptable this year, the Reds' aren't in dire straits at third base.

Cairo has proved to be a useful fill-in over the last few years and Frazier is really showing something in a very limited sample this year.

I believe the 3B problem is overblown on Redszone. Certainly Mike Costanzo is not an upgrade over any of the Reds current three third basemen on the 25-man roster.

If a premier 3B (David Wright) becomes available at the trade deadline, sure the Reds should see if they can get something done, but I don't think it is a black hole to the degree of us having to pimp our AAA third baseman who OPSed .630 in AAA last year.
Except against RHP, Costanzo might be an upgrade to all those guys.