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That was a bad baserunning play by Phillips after he made a good one going 1st to 3rd on Bruce's single. When was the last time Phillips got busted on the base paths on a dumb play, last year?

Surely you know that that stuff is going to happen every now and then. It's the stuff happening over and over that would worry me.
This kinda stuff does happen over and over. Scott Rolen tagging up from first and getting thrown out by a year at second. Inexcusable. Brandon tonight. Inexcusable. Bronson lollygagging to first on a ball hit to the right side. Inexcusable. All a person has to do is open their eyes. It really does happen a lot. Dusty sees it. He just doesn't do anything about it. How can you be everyone's best friend if you sit them for rookie mistakes?