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Louisville had one quality win the entire season
No way. I'll give you that they were inconsistent, but they beat some good teams, particularly in their BE and NCAA tourney runs.

Marquette, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Davidson, New Mexico, Michigan State, and Florida is a pretty nice 7 game stretch.

I think that run at least showed what they were (are?) capable of.

They lost two of their best scorers
Did Russ Smith leave??? As far as I know, Kuric and Swopshire is all they lost. Assuming that's right, they return roughly 77 percent of their scoring from last year.

No doubt, they're not great. But they are a "known." We do have some idea about what they can do. I also think Dieng and Behanan will both be interesting players to watch next year. And of course, maybe we finally learn who the real Peyton Siva is. That's the crucial aspect. If he plays like he did the last month of the season, they could be very tough to deal with.