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Talent is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

I see Kendall Marshall as a Doc Rivers/ Mark Jackson clone, capable of giving 10/10 just about every night.

I see John Henson as a 15/10 guy with 3 blocks per game.

I see Tyler Zeller as an All Star C as soon as his second season, capable of going 17/10 every night.

I see Harrison Barnes as a 17/8/4 SF with a couple All Star nominations.

All four project, IMO, as NBA starters.

No Carolina team has done that under Williams.
Ya cant do that Scrap. The college game does not translate into the pros or visa versa. They have nothing to do with each other.

Anyone can be Nostradamus........I would have told you when they came out that Wayman Tisdale, Ralph Sampson, Christian Laetner,Glenn Robinson, and Calbert Cheaney were destined for great things in the NBA. Glad I didnt bet the farm on it. Look at all the talent Duke has had and won championships with........how are all those guys doing in the NBA?

I really expect to see next season kind of mirror this one. The only difference being that the top 2 teams being talked about(IU and Louisville) have teams within their conference that will give them alot of trouble. Lousiville just might have the upper hand because of that extremely unbalanced Big East schedule. Even as an IU fan I look forward to seeing UK and I think they will be in the mix. I see NC State and Michigan being contenders as well. And Notre Dame has all starters returning.