If "all those UK boys" flop, wouldn't the talent level have to be readjusted according to those flops?

I know it's subjective, but I think college basketball was phenomenal this past season. There were great teams, great stories, and great games. You won't find a better college game than the Kentucky-IU Sweet 16 game. Unless you saw the UK- UNC matchup in December. The first UK/ IU game was good too, as was the UNC-Duke game in which Rivers hit the last second bomb from 20 feet. Syracuse played two great games-- one against Notre Dame and the other against Wisconsin.

All but the UNC-Duke game were OOC. None of these mention the best game, IMO, of the season-- Kansas' comeback over Mizzou in overtime.

There were great shooters, great defenders, and, yes, great teams in college basketball last season. No amount of "back-in-my-day" poo-poohing will make that any less true.

The athleticism of an Anthony Davis is awe-inspiring, and I'm fairly certain Uwe Blab-- four year player or not-- couldn't hold his jock.