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How many of those did Coach K actually schedule head-to-head, in advance? I can guess. In the past 20 years, UK has played 47 OOC games against the top seven college basketball programs of all-time. Duke has played a total of 7 OOC games against those teams. When it comes to scheduling, K is a coward and always has been. I thought that was common knowledge, but maybe not.
Well it certainly took guts to play Indiana in 2009 and 2010. It's great that UK schedules a number of games with traditionally strong programs, but to argue that UK's schedule is tougher because it would include UCLA or North Carolina while Duke was playing Ohio State in the B1G Ten ACC challenge, is simply an absurd argument to make.

Duke knows they will get a big name team in an event like the B1G-ACC so they build their schedule around that.