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Ya know, I've tried to be respectful towards you, because we're both Reds fans, and I've only posted factual stuff. It's a fact we were ranked in the Top Five eight times in the 80's. It's a fact that Sam Bowie missing two years because of leg injuries completely changed our team for three years. It's not "whining", it's facts. I have not talked trash about any other schools -- though I could. If by "drought" you mean championships, you need to check your own school's track record. Other than the fluke run UCLA had, even the best programs average less than one championship per decade. Your school is far below that average.

Again, I've tried to discuss basketball with you respectfully. Not sure why you're losing your cool. Do you really expect UK fans to not be biased towards UK? There is an IU thread on this forum, but you choose to post mainly in the UK thread. You remind me of most of the IU and UofL fans I know -- more obsessed with UK than their own school.
I appreciate your trying to be respectful. I dont see how Sam Bowie's injury affected 18 years. But you did hit something on the head. UK was a very good basketball team a majority of those 18 years, just wasnt playing for a championship. I put "drought" in quotations for a reason. Some people measure success in championships, I dont. I was just pointing out the fact that there were 18 years in between for UK. Right now it is 25 for IU, but in there is a national title game appearance, 2 Final Fours, 3 Elite Eights, and 7 Sweet Sixteens. Great by a lot of schools standards, but not IU's or UK's. To say IU is below average on championships is ludicrous. You might want to re-think that comment.

I am not losing my cool. And I expect total bias from UK fans, but I also expect them to be fans of the sport. I post on the UK board here because this is where there is activity. I come here for the Reds, but cant help but join in on the discussions on this thread. I am not obsessed with UK but to be honest this is the only board I come to where UK hoops are discussed by UK fans and I love the discussions and join in because I love the game of college basketball.

If you have taken any of my comments in a dis-respectful manner, I apologize for that. It was not my intent.

Go Reds!!!!!!!!!