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Had to work, I missed the game.

What's the deal? Is Dook a top team and we just fell short? Or do we have some worrying to do? Obviously it's really early, but are we more of a Top 10-15 team than Top 5? Worse? Just curious on your guys' thoughts.
I think UK was overrated to start the season. For a team having only one returning contributor (Wiltjer) and a bunch of new faces to be ranked third in the nation is a bit of a stretch. I'd say by the middle of the season, we'll be in the top 10-15, but closer to the SEC tournament, we will be a legit threat for a National Championship, similar to two years ago.

Senior leadership is great. A PG would be even better. Last year, I remember thinking that the biggest change in the Cats from game one to the end of the season was the improvement of Teague. He went from being a shaky guy who seemed to shy away from the moment to someone who was an attacker and another weapon. Harrow is going to have to be great for this team to have any chance. There was alot of reckless and clueless basketball last night.
Not sure who you're talking about with senior leadership. You need someone who can step up and make a shot and calm down the team and basically rally the troops. Darius Miller did that a lot last year. I haven't seen that from Mayes, and he is in the same boat as everybody else, trying to learn a new offense.

If Harrow doesn't grasp PG under Cal, it will come down to Archie Goodwin. I think Goodwin can do it if he buys in, but he is right now the most frustrating player on the court.