Props to UK for going into the #3 ranked team's homecourt and playing to a 3 point game when it looked like you would get run out of the gym.
The fans were ready for this one and Pitino had Deing coming back (which I figured all along ), and they got a huge lead and yet UK didnt fold.
In a year in which this could be one of Cal's weaker teams against one of Pitino's better teams, they had Pitino coaching down to the last literal second.Now all that being said, another game with free-throw shooting problems and it is many of the main guys who are going to get fouled.
Noel and Poythress seems to hit less than 50 % despite what their stats show.
Even Goodwin who goes to the line alot isnt what I would like to see for a guy who shoots so many. (he did go 3-4 ) today though.
WCS was 0-4 and was actually 0-6 counting lane violations.
They do seem to be improving a little and it is sad to see games lost on FT shooting when the hustle and drive seems to be there finally.
The SEC will not hold alot of quality win potential except Fla and Mizzou and they probably wont win those.
I still thnk they are "maybe" a sweet 16 team this year.
As far as Poythress, WMR I think you will still be saying these things at end of season.