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Okay, it's been awhile since we posted on basketball so might as well do this.
Last year,for a majority of the year, I said Teague was the most over rated recruit I could remember in a long time. Granted he came along quite nicely and I would love to have him on this year's team.
This year, I will focus on Alex Pothyress. I am not saying he is the most over rated but rather the most dissappointing I have seen in awhile. He has tons of talent but for some reason, it doesnt seem to be clicking. The quick yank after the non- rebound the other day by Cal seemed to be the microcosm of AP's season so far. Or yet maybe it was Poythress facial expression of "why are you taking me out" that is actually the microcosm.
As for UK as a whole. I have seen a little improvement most notably in the last game but still I think the sweet 16 may be an accomplishment for this team.
I think an SEC record of 11-7 or possibly even 10-8 record may be what we are looking at. Hope I am wrong though.
I am quoting this again because while listening to the UK pregame on drive home today, someone mentioned the possibilty of UK going 11-7 in the SEC.
Baker said if UK loses 7 in the SEC, they should refuse an invite to the NIT and Oscar said if they lose more than 4, he will be terribly dissappointed.
Of course, they talked about the weak teams in the SEC.
They are playing better than when I said the above, but I still have trouble seeing them going 14-4 in the SEC.
A road game to start against Vandy will be an excellent measuring stick. Vandy is down this year which is the point of the "measuring stick" comment.