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Who cares? Fact of the matter is, both have a FAR better shot of winning the NC this year than UK does. So quit trying to play to history when you're having a down year. You embraced this coach and the culture that comes with it. So don't cry when it goes bad... And this year... Oh God is it going bad.

The thing you should worry about... What happens in the next few years when one of your hired guns gets upset about playing time and spills the beans? It's bound to happen. And at that point, you're a decade removed from winning a NC yourself. I wouldn't hang my hat on NC #vaca8
The NCAA will likely be kicked to the curb before that happens. If you have followed realignment, you can already see where this is going. If Maryland wins their lawsuit against the ACC and doesn't have to pay the massive buyout, everybody in that conference is technically a free agent. Clemson and Florida State have been rumored to the Big 12 and even Duke and UNC to the SEC. If you're Louisville, you might have just jumped to the next sinking ship.

As for playing time, I really believe that it would have happened already if it was going on. Cal has coached at Memphis and UMass before Kentucky dating back to the late 1980's. Stacey Poole fits your description to a T, but you've never heard him spill the beans.