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I'd normally agree, but look at UCLA and the success they are having this season.

The key is balance. The Kentucky teams Cal has had the past three seasons have had veterans on the team. This years team lacks that, outside of players who have mostly been benchwarmers their entire UK career (Polson and Hood).

I knew this season would likely be a bridge year. I just expected them to start clicking by now. Noel has done fine and Poythress is starting to "get it". Archie Goodwin might be the one who makes or breaks this season.
You are dead on. It takes not only veterans, but veterans that have actually played, sprinkled in the mix.

There is still time to get it figured out....it was only a month or so back UCLA didnt have a clue. Right now I think it is a confidence issue as well with the Cats. A big win will get them heading in the right direction.