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What is wrong with us? Are we just missing a good leader?
My opinion is several things.

First : we didnt have that veteran to bridge any youth to experience like we have had with the other Cal teams. No Patterson/Stevenson/Miller/Harrellson etc. Even last year's team was not "all" freshmen as Jones and Lamb were back for their second season.

second: I think this group just hasnt lived up to potential that we were expecting.

Noel- This kid did. Excellent defender who stopped or altered many inside shots. Played with desire every play.

Harrow- has shown signs but not what I expected from a kid who actually has 2 years now under Cal counting going up against Teague in practice last year.

Poythress- dominated in high school but against smaller guys. I think he thought everything would come easy in college and found otherwise.

Goodwin- I really dont know what they were seeing with him. I read he had an exceptional outside shot and I sure havent seen that. He draws fouls (when he isnt charging) and then only shoots 60 % or so at the FT line.

Last years team....was just that....a "team". Some of the main cogs on this team want their points etc.

Down thru the years, UK has always had some kids who just didnt live up to the hype. Growing up in the 80's, I seen guys like Richard Madison, Brett Bearup etc who came to KY with high hopes but never turned into the college players we hoped.
Alot of those guys were 1 per class where this year, we really have 3 if you want to count Harrow.
I think this is just a case where a class brought in turns out to not "get it".
This years results vs last years will give Coach Cal a little future teaching lesson on what his system could produce. No I dont mean always winning a championship but at least being a Top 15 or so team even in a down year.