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And Cal wasted no time pointing that out.

Missouri is up on Ole Miss at the half. Still a good possibility even with this loss Kentucky makes the tournament, and I'm betting that it will be a first round game in Dayton. Say what you want about the NCAA, but they are a business first and would put Kentucky in a round early to sell tickets.

I'd say Mr. Harrow will be looking for a new school next season or taking Twany Beckham's spot on the bench. Pretty sad that Cal thought Harrow would be a better fit for this team than Rodney Purvis or even Marcus Smart.

Edit: I have nothing bad to say about Harrow as a person. For those who haven't seen it yet, he was interviewed after the game and took full responsibility for the loss and was hounded by the media before dropping his head into the towel in tears. I don't pin tonights loss on Harrow alone, but he is in over his head as a starter and would be better off as a backup next season.

I also agree with Jeff Goodman, Cal should decline a NIT bid and just end the season if we don't make the tournament.
On Harrow, I agree as far as I believe he is a good kid who probably could do better at another school. You hit the nail on the head as far as being in over his head and by no means should he take all the blame.
As far as Goodman, a part of me agrees but the bigger part thinks, UK would be run the thru mill by the media as having a "too good-sore loser" type attitude so I would say take the bid and play "the one game" and end the season.