This is a UK thread. Personally I sometimes talk with work friends about things like :
Would the original Dream Game been more classic if Master has missed at the end of regulation ?
What would UK looked like with a healthy Bowie for 4 years ?
Why didnt Pitino put a big guy on Hill ?
What kind of players guys like Randolph Morris and Jason Parker could have been ?
I guess while we entertain others, are we any different than other fan bases ? It's what fans do.
I am not a big Shabazz fan but sometimes we do talk of how different this team could have been with him or Bennett.
I have a feeling however Georgetown fans talk on forums of how much better they would have been if Noel had chose them instead.
Next season, one fan base will be saying "if only Wiggins had picked us".
Wonder if UNC fans ever discuss on their forums how they would look if any of their guys had came back ? Probably not...guess it's just UK fans who talk about stuff like that.