Felipe Lopez (32) -FeLo played for eight teams, but had the plurality of his ABs with the Reds. An improbable All-Star representative for the Reds in 2005.

Travis Dawkins (33) -Gookie's middle name is "Sentall"...I don't think he's playing anywhere this year, but if he's retired, at least he's got an Olympic gold medal, and that ain't all bad.

Joe Nolan (61) -The rare bespectacled catcher. Hit .300 for the Reds, but still couldn't keep his job, which tells you all you need to know about his defense.

Pat Darcy (62) -Known, of course, for giving up Fisk's homer in Game 6 of the '75 series. Unfortunately that seemd to mark a career turning point for Pat, who'd been pretty solid up to that point.


Lou Whitaker (55) -Yesterday we had Gehringer; today we have the Tigers' second-geartest second baseman...He really should have received more HOF support; as the rules stand right now he's ineligible...Forgot to bring his uniform to the 1985 All-Star Game; he was forced to wear a shirt and hat he'd bought from a vendor at the stadium and write his number on the back with a marker. The jersey is now in the Smithsonian.

Felipe Alou (77) -Very good player, very good manager, eldest of the Alou dynasty...For a time he held the Dominican national record for the javelin throw.

Yogi Berra (87) -You know as much about Yogi as I do. Most of the quotes are made up I think, but some of them are too funny not to repeat. Waiter: Do you want your pizza cut into four pieces or six? Yogi: Four please- I don't think I can eat six.

Lave Cross -A star of the 1890s. Probably the only man to play in four major leagues in the same city; he played for thr Philidelphia teams in the NL, AL, American Association, and Players League.