Anybody have any favorite outdoor scenery around the Tri-State? I like to hit up the public parks when I can. Shawnee Lookout is fairly close to me, so Iíll go hike down there from time to time when I get a chance. They have a trail I like to go take that comes to a point where you can look down upon the Ohio River. Itís a good mind clearing, meditation spotÖthat is if you can get your mind off the smokestacks in the distance and not think about the possibility that at one point in time, the very point youíre standing would be/ is a near perfect spot for a life to get a view of River traffic etc. )

Also I tend to think about the wealth/ blessing of vast life sustaining resources that a River can provide in terms of fish and other game, not to mention potential soil fertility. can't help but wish I had a time machine to catch of glimpse of what the Ohio River Valley looked like hundreds of years ago. Anyhow with this being Motherís day and all, I figured Iíd post this.

Happy Life Giving , Sustaining , and Nurturing Day folks.