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I am thinking the same thing.. The kid was all set to go play SEC football for gods sake it's not like he isn't going to develope. He just might be one of those players who doesn't add weight until they are 23 or 24. I was the same way went into the Navy at 135 came out 4 years later 139. I was 23 then when I finished at Cincinnati Tech 2 years later I weighed 165lbs.
I weighed 140 lbs @ 6-3 and was skinny as a rail when I joined the Marines at 18. 4 years later I was still only 150. I re-upped and 2 years later I was 175 lbs. All muscle too. Some guys add the muscle mass much later than others. I was a good athlete in HS but was simply so skinny my skill was often blown away by going up against much heavier guys. No matter what I did I couldn't gain weight. At 21 it just seemed that every malt I drank and every weight lifted added a pound of muscle that just a couple years earlier my body simply burned up instead of gaining.