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To make a comparison with my home country..... I wish Uruguay would ween itself off Forlan, but the NT Coach refuses to do so. Refuses to let Cavani develop as the main striker, while Suarez would be the secondary striker and playmaker. Suarez can do pretty much anything from MF going forward.
But the NT cannot get himself off Forlan and thinks it still 2010.
Same with Lugano as the spine of the defense.

When a country has success with certain players after several years of middling results.... it seems like they get scared to be without them.
Uruguay NT coach refuses to make 3 subtle changes in players and it has dragged the whole team down to almost out of the WC.

The US will make the WC, but they need to figure out quick if Donovan has anything left to really make it worthwhile to use him or let the new generation start doing it's thing.
Watching the Confed Cup, I don't care if Forlan is on his last legs and Cavani is the supposed "it" boy. Forlan is vastly outplaying Cavani. I'm not a Cavani fan in general (and I really want Real Madrid to stay away from him), but he's been poor by any estimation.

FWIW, I think Uruguay's main problem is in the midfield. The team doesn't have a crew that can control the game.

As for Donovan, no one has taken his role since he stepped away from the USMNT. Eddie Johnson and Graham Zusi aren't the answers out on the wings.