Ive recently decided to pursue a hobby which I've always wanted to try, playing the guitar. I figured "hey if a bunch of stoned and drunk guys can become legends playing one of these things surely it cant be that hard". I was wrong. Been playing about a month and I am definitely showing signs of improvement but it can be frustrating at times. Just wondering from any players on here how long before you were somewhat decent at the guitar? I'm not saying like rock star level but at a level where you could at least change between 4 or 5 chords fairly easily and someone could somewhat recognize what you were playing. I bought a Alvarez acoustic guitar at the recommendation of the guy at the music store. Was going acoustic a good idea or as a beginner should I have went electric? Should I do private lessons or just keep learning online like I'm currently doing? Any websites, books, or videos that you found particularly helpful in learning? Any recommendations for practice exercises or things you do to help finger dexterity? Basically any recommendations or direction for a beginner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.