From Jim Day on twitter:

In the last four years the Rockie are 24-8 against the Reds. Including 18 of the last 23 games. Oof! That's pretty bad. The Rockies are rarely a team to get excited about, but they've simply destroyed us recently. Take this series with a grain of salt no matter how it goes. If the Reds win two out of three, good...maybe we've finally figured them out. If we lose two out of three or get swept, don't take it as an indicator of the Reds entering a slump.

And also keep in mind that after these three games we go into June...our schedule is: @PIT, @HOU, PIT, DET, CLE, @NYM, @CLE, MIN, MIL, @SF.

The Cardinals schedule in June is also a cakewalk. Unless either team implodes in June, I don't think the race for the division will be over...but if the Cards falter with injuries and bad games, we could really stretch out lead.

Don't Panic! Go Redlegs!