oday's game isn't THE reason I'd like to see a switch in manager's, it just epitomizes it. In my mind, lineup constriction and bullpen usage are the two areas that a manager really influenzes a game on a daiy basis. I'm not really critical of Dusty when it comes to the bullpen, but when it comes to lineup construction, I couldn't detest Dusty's more. Batting guys like Valdez a the top of the lineup is indefensible.

Scoring runs by means of methods other than a home run is horrible for this team. Part of that is on the players, but Dusty fails miserably when it comes to what he can control - putting players in a postion to succeed. batting Hannigan who always seems to have a high OBP (currently around .375) 8th, while batting a nothing-stick like Valdez second is unforgiveable. Now I'm not saying that hitting Hannigan 2nd would make a bit of dirrerence today. Over the course of a month (much less a season) though it would definitely lead to more runs and likely more wins.

Not saying its all Dusty by any means. The organization does not value OBP or OPS and does not value offensive potential on the corners. It also does not value production off the bench - that is mainly on Walt.