Riddle me this, somebody. Apparently the organization holds David Bell in high regard, having promoted him to Louisville this year to supplant the very successful Rick Sweet. And maybe with good reason, for all I know. But the fact is, every club he has managed has been downright dreadful. Not just a little bad. Bad in the extreme. (OK, one year he was only 65-74.) With the Bats now 17-37 on the season, his 4-year record stands at 193-276.

I realize that that is a very circumstantial thing, and maybe he has done as well as anyone could have. Maybe he has prioritized development, per the wishes of the organization. But until we get a good explanation, all we know is that his teams chronically reek. And yet we hear faint rumblings that he is being groomed as a future manager of the Reds. It doesn't compute.