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That's a good point, corked. I like Cozart's power from the SS position. It plays especially well in the GABP, which can mask some of his obp problems. (Gregorius, IMO, is a poor man's Billy Hamilton, with-- if you can believe it-- less game power. He does have a better glove, but, at this point, he's more Paul Janish than true big league starter.)

It depends on what the Reds' brass do between now and then.

If they're okay with some combination of Drew Stubbs and Chris Heisey the rest of this year AND Stubbs is retained in the summer, I'd be in favor of switching Hamilton next year, either in AA (likely) or AAA. If they're looking for other options in center, Hamilton could end up a SS, with both Gregorius and Cozart as trade chips as early as the winter of 2013.
Yeah Scrappy, Cozart would defintely be the starter if we kept both he and Didi, but unless someone makes a really good offer for Gregorious, I'd keep him around. True, he's got next to no power, but he has shown some ability to get on base in the minors. He won't win any silver slugger awards, but how many reseve SSs do. I think he has at least the offensive potential of a Janish or Valdez and probably is as good (or better D wise). His speed, the fact that he's a MI who hits from the left side and he'll be cheap for several years may make him worth having around as a bench player.