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So much closer to Tyson (or maybe Jerome Brown), only without the criminality so far. You have to take into account his size and menace, two things Ocho doesn't have.

BTW, I hate the camera angle. The far side is difficult to follow.
Really? There is actually only a 1 inch difference between the two as far as size goes. Much of his antics off the pitch are very reminiscent of the kind of goofball craziness Ochocinco often displayed. Other things about him, like the tendency for coaches to criticize his tendency to go off and do his own thing and his tendency to lose interest when he's not involved in the game sound very familiar. The one thing he does that OchoCinco never really did is lose his cool at times and draw a red card. But I chalk that up to the difference in culture between the NFL and European soccer. Plenty of world class soccer players are know for losing their cool and doing something stupid that draws a red card. That doesn't necessarily make players like Wayne Rooney and Zinedine Zidane thugs. It just means they're hot headed at times. If they did that kind of stuff in the NFL, the league would come down hard on them. And with the different number of games in a season, getting banned 3-4 matches in soccer is no big deal, whereas having to sit out 4 games in the NFL is 1/4 of the season.

I guess maybe Balotelli is OchoCinco with a little Corey Dillon mixed in.