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MLB.com has him rated as the #32 player, Baseball America has him at #40 and the Reds take him at #14. I don't like the pick and I will like it a lot less if the Nats sign Giolito.

On the flip side since he was such a reach, hopefully he signs below slot enabling the Reds to get some upside guys later.
Jim Callis had San Fran drafting him at #20, though.

As I sat there and Nick's name was called, I was thinking, who?? I had not seen the Reds linked to him, so I was a bit befuddled. But after reading up further on the guy and seeing video and scouting reports, I have to say that I'm starting to like the pick a lot. The Reds have earned my trust on the 1st round picks.

With that said, I would have taken Giolito myself. The upside was just too great, injury or not. I can't believe the Nats were able to draft him. They're going to have 1 heck of a future.