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Do you seek me out every time I post here when I comment on the laid back and lethargic play against teams they should beat? I understand how a baseball season works.

You explained to me during the Rockies game thread that I had no patience.... now this. Plenty of people comment on how dead this team can look.

Whoever wrote that Heisey, Cozart and Stubbs all look like the same hitters....flailing, guessing and then just quitting on their AB's sometimes and striking out meekly was dead on.
I honestly don't spend much time in game threads. I guess when I do, I must see you attributing failure to guys not trying, too laid back, etc. and I respond to that fallacy. The Reds won 2 of 3 in that Rockies series. I went to a game where guys were just trotting around the bases. Lollygaggers.