I work downtown and not a huge choir fan but really big into downtown, current events, and most things going on down here. The city has been promoting this for a long time and I never realized how big of a deal it is until now. It really is amazing having all of these different types of people in our city. It's really cool watching those that aren't from here take such an interest in a lot of things us locals take for granted.

And the city has done an absolutely amazing job in preparing for this. There are signs EVERYWHERE. I see currency exchange signs, welcoming signs, menus in foreign languages, and a lot of businesses got together and designed an app that would translate menus into a lot of different languages. They set up the Market Garden at 5th and Race with tons of food trucks, a beer garden, etc. You see volunteers and police precence everywhere. There are mist fans and free water at Fountain Square, they really cleaned the city and there are over 4000 volunteers helping this happen.

It's really amazing how well our city and residents have embraced and prepared for this. I really hope it helps with word of mouth and tourism and perhaps some of these people will come back.

This next weekend will be one of the biggest weekends in our city's history (maybe I'm embellishing a little, maybe not) with the Choir Games final weekend, the Bunbury Festival, and the Reds-Cardinals series. It should be amazing downtown if anyone wants to come check it out - and luckily the weather is supposed to be nice.