It's late, but my take is the emphasis on pitching is all well and good (as we've learned in years past), but ignoring offense is a sin. Foolishing assuming Heisey can be anything but a fourth or fifth outfielder is a problem. Depending on Bruce and Stubbs to be consistent is a problem. Expecting Phillips to be a cleanup hitter is insane. Putting Cozart and Stubbs/Heisey at the top of the order is criminal.

The Reds desparetly need a lead off hitter, and they also need a professionally hitter to bat cleanup. While Walt was building a world class bullpen, he or someone forgot that you have to score runs. Now, with the glut of pitching, you have Nick and Billy coming back, what do you do with Simon, LeClure, and others? Trades should happen, but my fear that the emphasis on pitching trumps the offense. I can live with a SS like Cozart, but not lead off. I can live with hitters like Heisey and Stubbs, but not in the two hole.

Yes, we are in first place, but it won't last until offense is addressed. I wait but do not expect anything but more of the same.