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Give the kid his diploma, don't blame him for the cheers and tell the school to pull the plug out of their butts and let life be a little more than protocol and rules, in short live life, not inhibit it.
Yeah, I hear what your saying and don't totally disagree with it. I hate having to get people to sign forms, take an oath of blood, and engage a bunch of bureuacratic BS to get people to act like responsible human beings. Generally speaking, probably about 95% of the people there would act in a civil way and celebrate, but also be considerate of others and everything would be fine. But you've always got the folks that think that what they want comes first and I'll do what I damn feel and the hell with everyone else and that's why all there silly rules get instituted. These kind of people really exist.

But the issues that me and MWM and oneupper have mentioned are real problems. Been to any graduation commencements lately? I've been to 3 of my kids and another 4 for nephews. They can be long. There are tons of elderly folks there and for them, its an extra-special time and I'd hate to exclude them because other people want to be rude.

Sure I understand that its a time of joy and celebration and there is a certain amount of that. It's not that everyone has to sit on their hands. Your kids' name gets announced, you get to go "yeaaaahhh, wooooooo, yay <name>, we love you, woooo". And then your moment is done and they move to the next kid. It's a balancing act and I think they do a pretty good job of it. If you give people carte blanche with time to carry on and air horns and cow bells, well, it's not going to be a lot of fun. It's going to go on forever and like someone said, it starts to be a competition to see who can go on the longest and loudest. I guarantee this will happen.