Lots of good stuff today...


Scott Ruskin (49) -A 14th-round pick by the Reds in 1981; he didn't sign but the Reds eventually got him in 1992 as part of the regrettable Wetteland trade. After his playing days he went back to college and got a degree in computer science.

Del Ennis -Soft-spoken RF for the "Whiz Kids" Phillies of the early 1950. During the years Ennis was active, only Musial drove in more runs in the NL...A Red in 1959 at the end of his career...After retiring, he ran a bowling alley and owned racing greyhounds, which he named Whiz Kid Ennis, Whiz Kid Ashburn, and Whiz Kid Roberts.


Don Robinson (55) -Pirate righty who won 109 games, but is better remembered for his hitting; he was a career .265 hitter with 13 homers. In 1984 the Pirates actually started him in left field for a game, and responded by going 1 for 3.

George Brunet -Lefty who pitched for 9 teams in 15 years. Most of the interesting stuff about him, however, happened before and after that. He was the minor league career leader in strikeouts at one point; for all I know he may still be. He's also remembered for a stretch when he was pitching for Little Rock in which he went 59 1/3 innings without his teammates scoring a run for him...After his big league career, he went to Mexico and had a long career there; he holds the Mexican League record for career shutouts even though he didn't start until he was in his mid-30s. All in all, he played professional baseball every year from 1953 to 1985.

Eddie Gaedel -Height: 3'7", jersey number: 1/8...Eddie died in 1961 after being beaten badly in a bar fight...His great-nephew was drafted by Tampa Bay in 2008. He's 6'4".

Van Lingle Mungo -Fireballing Dodger pitcher of the 1940s; now remembered mostly as the title of a great song by the wonderful jazz pianist Dave Frishberg (if you haven't heard it, you need to). When Dick Cavett had his talk show, he had Frishberg on as a guest one night, and he invited Mungo on also, just for fun. Frishberg recalls that all Mungo seemed to care about was whether he was entitled to make any money from the song. Frishberg informed him that it was highly unlikely that he would ever see a dime from the song, and the "the only way he could get even was to write a song called "Dave Frishberg" and take his chances. He said he was gonna do it, but I haven't heard it on the radio..."

Seriously, if you like that sort of thing, check out Dave Frishberg on ITunes or whatever. "Van Lingle Mungo" is great, but so is "My Attorney Bernie" and a lot of other stuff...