From Fay's blog/tweets, it seems (reading between the lines) as if we could expect a rehab stint to begin in the next week or so for Rolen. I love Rolen as a player, but I fear his return to the starting lineup could sink this club.

Todd Frazier (while currently not qualifed) would rank 6th in the majors for 3B OPS right now. Second only to David Wright in SLG. Acceptable fielder based on my eyes, with hopefully room to improve. It's gotta be his job to lose now, no?

*I am aware we are dealing with a small sample size with Frazier, but his numbers and his passing the eyeball test are what leads me to this decision of making 3B his to lose*

But I (who almost always gives the FO/Dusty the benefit of the doubt in letting moves play out) can see what is coming a mile away. The reinsertion of Rolen into the everyday lineup.

Does anyone on RZ want Rolen back in the lineup "everyday"? I would be suprised if so.

I hope I am wrong on this and wiser heads prevail.