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Thread: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    Quote Originally Posted by traderumor View Post
    So, you have access to his medical diagnosis and are in sports medicine?
    Good thing that simple pattern recognition requires neither.

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    Quote Originally Posted by kaldaniels View Post
    So to be clear, if you are in charge when Rolen comes back, what do you do? Would you expect him to be better than Rolen 2011?
    My shot would be to put Rolen in the line-up against LHP at 3B with Frazier in LF. Ludwick needs to be shipped off and the team needs to add a LH Bat to the mix for the OF.

    Say Ludwick gets dealt and the Reds play 6 games per week with 4 RH Starters and 2 LH starters for the opposition.

    Against the Lefty starters:

    Rolen plays 3B, Frazier plays LF and Stubbs plays CF. Heisey gets a start in RF with Bruce sitting one of the 2 games.

    Against the RH starters

    The acquisition plays LF 4 Days
    Frazier plays 3B 2 days, Rolen plays 3B 2 days.
    Stubbs plays CF 2 days and Heisey plays CF 2 days this could change with who is hitting well.

    In a 6 game week, Bruce gets 5 starts, Frazier, Rolen, Stubbs and the acquisituon get 4 starts and Heisey gets 3 starts. If Rolen starts hurting a little, Heisey can get another game or two with Frazier playing more at 3B.

    If the Reds could find that LH platoon OF, it would be easy to ship Ludwick away and get everybody lots of PT. Frazier is a pretty good OF and the Reds don't lose much in LF with him instead of Heisey. The defense is improved immensely with Rolen playing 3B 4 days per week in place of Frazier.
    "All I can tell them is pick a good one and sock it." --BABE RUTH

    Having better players makes "the right time" or "the big hit" happen a lot more often. PLUS PLUS

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    Quote Originally Posted by jhu1321 View Post
    Wouldn't be surprised to see Frazier in LF sometimes when Rolen comes back. Let's be honest though, Rolens return will be short lived. If surgery (again) didn't fix the shoulder, no way a DL stint lasts.
    I'd sure as heck like to see Rolen play at his pre-2011 level so I'm fervently hoping he comes back and performs well.

    But I'm also not a total dummy and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the DL again. I don't want it to happen, but from all appearances, his shoulder just won't let him play how he used to. Rolen is a gamer and for him to go on the DL, that shoulder must be killing him.

    I'd hope Dusty talks to Scott and gets his true input. Frazier has been playing well so I'd like him to stay in there as long as he's hot. If he starts to cool down, start blending in Rolen.

    Teach tolerance.

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    I think Ludwick is the one who is going to lose PA. Frazier just hit another bomb.
    Games are won on run differential -- scoring more than your opponent. Runs are runs, scored or prevented they all count the same. Worry about scoring more and allowing fewer, not which positions contribute to which side of the equation or how "consistent" you are at your current level of performance.

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    Ludwick is a long way from being "shipped off" on a team that has no bench whatsoever. Right now he is nothing but a bad ball hitter who can crush a get ahead fastball, but that is what pinch hitters are for. I do agree that he would be the one who will lose playing time. It could be a gold mine to have Frazier in there at third or left almost every day, Heisey alternating at each outfield position 5-6 times a week, edging a little time away from Stubbs and Rolen playing third base 3-4 times a week and available as a late inning defensive replacement otherwise. I like having Scott in the game defensively. He is still pretty damn good.

    Now, if Dusty would only treat it that way.

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    Quote Originally Posted by kaldaniels View Post
    From Fay's blog/tweets, it seems (reading between the lines) as if we could expect a rehab stint to begin in the next week or so for Rolen. I love Rolen as a player, but I fear his return to the starting lineup could sink this club.

    Todd Frazier (while currently not qualifed) would rank 6th in the majors for 3B OPS right now. Second only to David Wright in SLG. Acceptable fielder based on my eyes, with hopefully room to improve. It's gotta be his job to lose now, no?

    *I am aware we are dealing with a small sample size with Frazier, but his numbers and his passing the eyeball test are what leads me to this decision of making 3B his to lose*

    But I (who almost always gives the FO/Dusty the benefit of the doubt in letting moves play out) can see what is coming a mile away. The reinsertion of Rolen into the everyday lineup.

    Does anyone on RZ want Rolen back in the lineup "everyday"? I would be suprised if so.

    I hope I am wrong on this and wiser heads prevail.
    I don't want Rolen back in the lineup everyday, but I think he will be. The Reds need Frazier's offense. He has made a huge difference. Didn't the Reds offense get rolling almost as soon as Rolen left the lineup?

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    I agree with those who are putting him in left field on the days he's not at third. I think Dusty realizes his value? Maybe? He continues to bat Ludwick ahead of him though, so...

    Also, is it about time to try Todd in the leadoff spot? If nothing else, you're starting the games with Sinatra.

    If I had My Way (sorry), I'd start Rolen off slowly, using him as a defensive replacement in the late innings as part of a double switch that sends Frazier to left. That way you don't lose Frazier's bat, but you're giving Rolen some chances to prove himself without straining him early.
    "I never argue with people who say baseball is boring, because baseball is boring. And then, suddenly, it isn't. And that's what makes it great." - Joe Posnanski

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    Quote Originally Posted by kaldaniels View Post
    So to be clear, if you are in charge when Rolen comes back, what do you do? Would you expect him to be better than Rolen 2011?
    I am thinking similar to others, Frazier in LF as an option to keep his bat in the lineup. Rolen will have to hit himself into more PT, coming back, maybe a couple of starts a week. If he does that and Frazier is still performing, then you get his ABs in LF with Rolen splitting time at 3b. Rolen's glove earns him at least the looksee for PT duty when he comes back.
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    Can't win without 'em

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    Re: I'm concerned about Rolen's eventual return

    I thought Ludwick looked equally bad to Rolen early on. Both looked like they'd never seen a fastball over 90 mph. We've seen Ludwick come around, I expect Rolen is likely better than a .175 hitter, with a possible upside of .280 going forward. We'll see, I'll give him 4 weeks to get right.

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