Anyone know the status and possible return dates for these minor leaguers on the DL? With guys like Costanzo and Negron getting a look, any of these guys may be bench "help" down the road or as backfills for others who may go in a deal. Some are possible trade chips or at least sweeteners themselves.

Paul Janish - His steady SS play could probably help some teams right now. The Reds probably aren't one of them.
Denis Phipps - Was hoping to find out about his possibilities as a bench player (he can play CF and if the Reds recall Negron for that purpose....).
Daryl Jones - Lefty OF "bat" who can play all 3 OF spots. I'll again note Negron's recall.
Chris Valaika -Has been fading, but was OK in a big league look and maybe some team may want him in a deal for a journeyman platoon/bench guy.
Kanekoa Texeira - Has been effective in relief and may be a depth option if the Reds need to deal some one like Lecure or Hoover to address the offense.
Josh Ravin - was hopeful to see if a move to the pen would boost his stock.
Henry Rodriguez - Most likely of all the position prospects to help at some point in 2012.
Blaine Howell - Lefty arms with some success are always potential chips or temp help for the big leagues. Still young and could develop into a middle of the pen lefty down the road.
Donald Lutz - The Reds best offensive prospect IMO.

Other than Lutz or H-Rod, these guys don't rank near the top 10 of the team's prospect list, but many of these injuries have weakened the system this year none-the-less.