I'm to the point where I block anyone an FB who is pregnant. Pregnant women on FB are a huge pet peeve of mine -- so many of them overshare every detail of the pregnancy (cravings, kicks, etc.) and subject my timeline to barrages of ultrasound pictures and (worse) pictures of them in "artful" poses exposing their stomachs as they go along.

Each of these posts always floats to the top of my timeline because, inevitably, all of their girlfriends post comment after comment all following the same general structure:

1. "Lookin' / Looking good mama!"
2. "I can't wait to meet him/her." (really -- you "meet" an infant?)
3. "I remember when I went through (insert aspect of pregnancy here) and how much I hated/liked it!"
4. "It's all worthwhile once you can hold him/her"

It's nonsense and attention-seeking drivel.